Groentesprokkel 43

Beste abonnee, klant, sympathisant,

I move the leaks from the car and put them on a wheelbarrow. Heavy guys, these leaks, so I let them hit the barrow with the natural energy of their weight. „Easy!“, I hear suddenly, „they are princesses!“ says Jan. I feel a bit ashamed – how come I did not see them as princesses? And how many disguised princesses, nymphs, fairies or elfs do you have in your fridge at the moment?
I will definitely miss the sense for care for the plants I encounter on everyday basis here at Zonnekouter. And not only care, rather a very natural connection between the farmers and the needs of every growing being.
After my first day at Zonnekouter I am so tired, that I am not even able to prepare my dinner. Later they tell me the season is almost over and that the workload is a lot smaller than it used to be during summer. I have to laugh – the only part of my body which does not ache is probably my mouth: I can still talk to my dear friend Jana, whose cosy appartment here at the farm feels like a safe harbour for me.
The longer I work here, the better my body feels. Do you need some stretching? Go weeding the spinach! Are your muscles weak? Move a few boxes full of carrots every day! Do you find it difficult to connect to your body? Harvest some 270 bundles of chard! …but of course the real qualities of the farm lie in something else than just in being a good gym.

I am really grateful for all the little farmer’s tricks I have learned here. Where else could I learn more than on an established farm where everyone knows that production is the most important objective, whilst everyone puts the respect and love for the nature prior to maximum efficiency. Furthermore, I find myself laughing every single day at the farm – giggle and heartwarming jokes pervade the space of the farm which creates a perfect atmospehere for the plants to laugh along and thrive, I believe. Apart from that, did you know that the growing team of Zonnekouter is at the same time a team of DJs? If I were to propose any upgrade of the farm for the next season, it would definitely be a farm-soundsystem. The love for music in the team is unbelievable: I would not be surprised, if the princesses in your fridge suddenly started singing one of the contemporary local hits.

Nevertheless, as for me the most memorable aspects of my stay here are for sure the everyday dirty knees (what an honour!) and fresh autumn air, the joy of the pigs when I feed them, the beauty of the cow’s hair and the honesty in their eyes, the light of the sunset in the fields, the freshness of the harvested vegetables. It feels so odd (almost meaningless) to imagine my days will soon be filled with sitting-by-the-computer work again.

I came to Zonnekouter, because I wanted to stay for a while in another environment, another country, another landscape, another type of activity. Change is always challenging, but it always brings new points of view. Thus, I found more than a new environment. I found a haven, where I feel most welcomed (even though my level of the local language is at zero), where I feel I can show my true self, thanks to the safe atmosphere in the team (or family?) and where big topics can be discussed even in muddy circumstances. After all, isn’t the mud the source of everything, including our big topics?

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and I feel touched by the acceptance of the Zonnekouter family. Why don’t you visit a farm to give your daily routine a little break? After all, I am sure that you can find the farm in a concentrated form in your fridge :). Greats, Zuzana

Samenstelling pakket

Klein: spaghettipompoen, groene puntpaprika, pastinaak en groene spitskool van de Zonnekouter (Vroente); rode biet en knolselder van de Kollebloem, venkel van ’t Goed ter Heule.
Groot: wortel oxhella, warmoes, groene puntpaprika, palmkool, andijvie en prei van de Zonnekouter (Vroente); één venkel van de zonnekouter en één van ’t Goed ter Heule, knolselder van de Kollebloem, mosterdblad van Ourobouros.
Gemengd: groene puntpaprika, daikon, roodlof en rode spitskool van de Zonnekouter (Vroente); appel Wellant van de Fruittuin, kiwi gold (It) en clementines (Es) via Biofresh.
Fruit: appel Wellant van de Fruittuin, kiwi gold (It), clementines (Es) en druif black pearl (It) via Biofresh.


Gegratineerde spaghettipompoen met tomatensaus
Nodig: 1 spaghettipompoen, olijfolie, zout, 300ml tomatensaus, 200gr mozarella, 3el parmezaanse kaas, 14 salieblaadjes
Verwarm de oven op 200°. Snij de pompoen in de lengte door en verwijder de zadenlijsten. Smeer de snijkanten in met olie en leg ze met de bolle kant naar boven op een bakplaat. Rooster de pompoen 30 min in de oven. Haal de pompoen uit de oven en draai ze om. Trek met een vork door het vruchtvlees zodat er een soort van spaghetti ontstaan. Men de tomatensaus met deze spaghetti en beleg met stukjes mozarella. Schuif het weer in de oven en rooster dit 20 min tot de mozarella goudbruin en gesmolten is. Haal uit de oven en bestrooi met parmezaanse kaas. Wrijf de salieblaadjes in met olie en drapeer ze op de pompoen. Rooster nog 5 min in de oven.