Groentesprokkel 32

Beste abonnee, klant, sympathisant,

Hi everyone, my name is Cloé. I’m Belgian and speak French but because we’ve talked about those topics in English, that’s the language I’m gonna use here.
To introduce myself a little: I’m 20, I’m a bio engineering student at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve and I’ve been an intern at De Zonnekouter farm for 20 days. Tomorrow is my last day working here. I like to knit, read, paint, dance… And I’m now gonna tell you some of the things I’ve learned by being here and hanging out with the “ZK folk”!

First of all throwing potatoes on people’s legs hurts a little. Secondly if investing money in creating a fake island was a great idea, I would go for a huge octopus-shaped one. Moreover if you think that the ‘’press-pot machine” got enough water, it’s wrong! Gave it some more. Same applied for coffee and your own body. Another thing I’ve learned is to always ask twice if Arne explains you the way to the shop. You should also never underestimate yourself. If I’m capable on making a watersystem works or leading some cows to some places then you can definitely do whatever !

It’s now time to tell you what I’ve really learned and what’s gonna keep me going in life. Because of course I’ve learned many practical (more or less convenient) things but I surely made my brain work here. It’s impossible to remember everything but the last few days I’ve been thinking quite a lot about “Hope’’. Sometimes it’s easier to forget about Hope, stop believing and some other days I could just not survive without! I think it’s quite a strange feeling to me. I often find myself wondering about the world of tomorrow. As you probably also realized we live in those crazy times where no one actually knows how is life gonna be in some years. Some days I lose Hope: I see big monster factories popping up around me, I hear the IPCC scientists still having to prove their point, I follow capitalistic classes at University tought by the “knowers”… And some other days I just open my eyes to see the change. And those days I realize how fast things move, how deep change is, how crazy people are, how creative life can be. Those days I have Hope, I know the world of tomorrow is gonna be way greater than today; because it’s gonna be the people’s world. In the end it’s a cycle. Those days of Hope make me fall from high when I see absurdities. But if I had no “no hope days’’ I would definitely not need those “intense Hope days”.

The next step, for me, is to live the Hope, to truly believing in it and deeply apply it in my everyday life. Being at De Zonnekouter has been a way for me to do so.

Anyway the revolution’s started since the 15th of March. Thank you a lot for reading my thoughts. Hope you’ll have great days! Cloé

Samenstelling pakket

Klein: ajuin, groene puntpaprika, courgettes, sint-Pierre tomaten van de Zonnekouter (Vroente); aubergine van de Zaailing, zomerprei en knolselder van ‘t Goed ter Heule.
Groot: komkommer, ajuin, courgettes, paprika kleur, kerstomaat van de Zonnekouter (Vroente); spitskool en snijsla van de Kollebloem (Vroente), warmoes van Ourobouros, zomerprei en knolselder van ’t Goed ter Heule.
Gemengd: tomaten, komkommer en groene selder van de Zonnekouter (Vroente); aubergines van de Zaailing, rode bes en blauwe bes van ‘OBio , druif wit (It) via Biofresh.
Fruit: meloenen van de Zaailing, blauwe bes van Obio, druif wit (It) en bananen (DO, FT) via Biofresh

Als er een iemand in de wereld is die verstand heeft van meloenen telen, dan is het wel Katrien van De Zaailing (Etikoven). Jaren geleden startte ze hier met het experimenteren met meloenen en nu doet ze gewoon (en nog beter) verder op haar eigen bedrijf. Maar helaas hebben de meloenen, net als alle andere vruchtgewassen in de serre stevig te lijden onder het natte weer van afgelopen maanden; de smaak is verrukkelijk, maar helaas bewaren ze niet zo lang. Niet laten liggen is de boodschap, maar snel en intens genieten van deze zomerse vruchten!


Nodig: 250g knolselderij, 1 appel, 2 el groene tuinkruiden (bv bieslook, peterselie), 8 halve walnoten, 8 reepjes rode paprika of partjes tomaat
Saus: 4 el. (soja)room, 2 el. yoghurt, 1 el. citroensap, 1tl. marjolein
Rasp de knolselder en de appel en vermeng onmiddellijk met de saus, om verkleuring te voorkomen. Strooi er de groene kruiden overheen en garneer met de tuinkruiden, noten en paprika of tomaat.